The coronavirus!

This week in PW I got to vote on posters for the classroom. We put them in the classroom. The rules are to: do your best effort, Respect the classroom, Keep your learning community happy, Speak up for yourself. We also did cleaning today. We cleaned because of the coronavirus. We cleaned our desk and seat then we cleaned our hands. Next week I hope to finish some new units.  

Blue Mountain Trip

This week I had a trip to the blue mountain. We snow tubed. It was a really fun trip I was with all my friends. Today we got a new seat. I sit near some of my friends. I like my seat sometimes. I finished the Middle ages and the 4 Cs. the 4 Cs are Communication Collaboration Creativity Critical Thinking. I’m really good at Creativity but I’m kinda bad at Collaboration and Communication. But that’s it for this week’s blog. Next week I hope that we do some fun things.

This week

This is my third blog about what I did in Project Wonder. This week I did a template for my What to Do with a Two-Year-Old unit. I also finished the Author’s Purpose unit. I also did a couple of good journal entries. Well, I hope next week I finish my What to Do with a Two-Year-Old unit template. That’s all for this week’s blog come back next week for a new blog.

Good and bad things about my week

This week I did a project where we designed our own school with my group and we made a slideshow. I also did the CDT today for the last time this year. CDTs are very boring and long. But we get one break its only 15 mins but that’s ok. This week I also almost finished what to do with a 2-year-old unit I made. Well, I did mess up my slideshow a little but then I fixed it. I journaled about what I like and disliked about the CDTs.Next, I hope to fully finish what to do with a 2-year-old unit.


bad and good thing

This is my third blog. What I did well this week is I made a new unit called what to do with a 2-year-old and I finished one of the units called middle ages. Their somethings I did bad which were that I was very tired most of the week and I didn’t work as hard this week. well, I hope next week I will be as tired next week. Come back next week for more blogs. Thank you for reading my blog.

My Second Blog

This is my second blog. these are my successes and failures. My successes are that I finished my portfolio. I also did a review on quizlet sets.  That’s my success I had this week. my failures are that I messed up my portfolio. But I fixed it. Next week I hope to do a lot more fun things.

Success and Failures

I’m going to talk about what successes and failures I had this week. What successes I had is a project I did with my group. What we made was a thing that hit the roll of tape. Then it rolled down a ramp we made out of rulers. Last it hit a lego wall. That was my success. Now my failures are that we had some problems with our project. What messed up was that we first didn’t put the string with the ball on it far enough down to reach the roll of tape. The next Failure with the project is that the ramp didn’t work the tape just rolled off the side. The last thing is that the roll of tape needed a lot of speed to hit the wall but we fixed it. That’s my failures I had I hope next week we do more fun projects.