The coronavirus!

This week in PW I got to vote on posters for the classroom. We put them in the classroom. The rules are to: do your best effort, Respect the classroom, Keep your learning community happy, Speak up for yourself. We also did cleaning today. We cleaned because of the coronavirus. We cleaned our desk and seat then we cleaned our hands. Next week I hope to finish some new units.  

Blue Mountain Trip

This week I had a trip to the blue mountain. We snow tubed. It was a really fun trip I was with all my friends. Today we got a new seat. I sit near some of my friends. I like my seat sometimes. I finished the Middle ages and the 4 Cs. the 4 Cs are Communication Collaboration Creativity Critical Thinking. I’m really good at Creativity but I’m kinda bad at Collaboration and Communication. But that’s it for this week’s blog. Next week I hope that we do some fun things.